Computer Graphic Design provides almost anything related to heat transfer technology.

Silicone pad Universal (thickness 5mm) & Silicone pad Speedy (thickness 2.5mm)

Silicone sheet -  Size 55cm. x 45cm.

Suitable for heat transfer on puzzles, etc.

Fleece A3+

Synthetic material sheet which protects the white fabrics from the press' temparature & yellowing during heat transfering.

teflon cover

When it is adjusted on press' surface, it makes the t-shirt positioning easier.

Antistick roll, antistick A3 sheet & A3 Variotrans

These materials are commonly used to give special finishings (glossy, matte, ...) on heat transfer printings.

Digital Thermometer

You can use it to check your press temparature, especially when you prepare it for special applications.

Cooling Plate

Accelerates the cooling of transfer materials.

Fixing frame (size 500 x 400 x 12.5mm)

Pre-molded tray used to hold several objects simultaneously in order to print them in a single transfer process.

Heat resistant tape

Self adhesive - Size 25m. It is used for fixing the printing design onto the material.

Puzzle »A6 (12 pcs) »Α4 (60 pcs) »Α3 (130 pcs)

Suitable for heat transfer printing using Forever Variofilm

Mouse pad

Sizes 232 x 192 x 5mm - Printing using Forever Classic or Classic+Universal

White mugs  (95mm height, 80mm diameter) & Beer mugs (125mm height, 100mm diameter)

Suitable for printing using Forever Multi-trans

Application Tapes

Available in different sizes suitable for small and medium sized vinyl lettering with a matt or glossy surface.