Types of transfer paper:

Dark No-Cut (White toner printers)

The 2-Paper-System from FOREVER gives amazing brilliant colors and constant results. You just print on the transparent A-Paper, press it together with the dark opaque B-Paper and seperate both sheets from each other while hot. Now, you have more white coverage on the image through the B-Paper, which does not only increase the opacity of the transfer on dark garments, but also contributes to its washability.
Both steps are done at the same temperature. The application tolerances are extremely high, reducing handling errors and allowing the user high flexibility.

This is the transfer paper on which you print your image. It goes through any laser printer/copier without any problems. It holds the toner extremely well, but does not leave any residues in the copier or any background on the garment.

This paper brings the additional opacity, which is needed for vibrant colors by transfer printing on dark garments. The white opaque coating on the sheet only sticks to the toner on the A-Paper, and performs so well that even the finest detailed designs can be handled.


Printable materials
Garments made of Cotton, Polyester, Leather or Nylon.
High wash fastness up to 40°C
Chromolux paper